PD3 (Glow) (2020 European Open Stamp)

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The PD3 is perfect for extreme wind, reliable skip shots, forceful backhand or forehand throws, and if you needed a wild card disc in your arsenal, this is the one. Although it’s certainly not a beginner friendly disc, we imagine most players will find a use for one of these in their bag. Since this release is very limited and reserved exclusively as a fundraiser disc only, act fast while inventory is available.

Pro Tip: Glow C-Line plastic is generally the most overstable plastic made in any mold we’ve seen so far. These are just as durable as C-Line and will have just a touch more grip to the plastic as well. Plus, they glow in the dark!


Buying this directly helps fund the European Open!! Thanks!!


Flight Guide

Speed 11
Glide 3
High Speed Stability 0
Low Speed Stability 5


2020 will be a remarkable year for professional disc golf in Europe as the European Open celebrates its 10th edition. The original European PDGA Major will be held on July 16-19, 2020. The Beast at Nokia, Finland, will host the event for the 7th time since 2011. This is not a festive year for only the European Open. The Presidents Cup team event will also be played for the 10th time!

We’ve prepared a legend of a disc especially for this occasion, the fabled PD3. Many of you have whispered over the years of a possibility of something like this entering the market. The 10th anniversary of one of the most iconic Disc Golf events in the world is what we have chosen to give this legend it’s grand entrance. You can bet that Eagle will be throwing this disc immediately!


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PD3 (Glow) (2020 European Open Stamp)