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TL 3 (TFR)(Splatter)(Star) (2019 Wolf Stamp)

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Best Choice for: First fairway driver, Tight fairway driver, placement driver, turnover shots, beginner disc golfers. 
Innova says this about the TL3 (Teebird-L3):The TL3 is the evolution of the TL. Much like the longer, faster TeeBird3, the TL3 has a bit more speed and a little less glide for more control. Think: TeeBird control, straighter flight AND finish.


 These are fundraiser discs for James Conrad. Buying this directly helps him. Thanks!


Colors vary some. We tried to do our best matching them to their "color group".

Flight Guide

Speed 8
Glide 4
High Speed Stability -1
Low Speed Stability 1
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