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MD1 (C-line)

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Get crafty with the Mindbender! Simon Lizotte’s brand new signature series disc comes in the form of the “Reinvented” MD1 with a sparkly metal flake flare. Everyone knows how big of a fan Simon is of this disc and immediately claimed it as his own the moment it was created again. Control is the most important aspect of the game, MD1 helps make that job even easier.

MD1 was an immediate success when it was first re-introduced in 2021 Winter Mystery Boxes and fans have eagerly awaited its return ever since. The smooth convex profile of the nose and wing of the disc will fit in-hand naturally, providing a very clean release on each and every throw.

This metal flake version actually flies even straighter than the MBW21 version and is much flatter on top, too.

What do you do when you're looking down the gauntlet? A dead straight fairway with trees on the left, trees on the right. Throwing straight is arguably the hardest shot in disc golf. It's about to get easier with the laser-straight midrange, the MD1!

Good for: Backhand drives, tunnel shots, tail wind, turnover shots, touch forehands


Flight Guide

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MD1 (C-line)
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