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Ballista Pro (Opto) (2022 Raptor stamp)

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Latitude 64 says this about the Ballista Pro: Ballista Pro is the big brother of the Ballista, with added stability for more experienced players. It is the perfect solution if you are looking for a distance driver that can navigate through tight fairways. With great combination of speed, stability, and glide, it is the perfect tool for all kinds of distance shots. 

 A large portion of the proceeds help Ricky Wysocki!! Thanks!!

Flight Guide

High Speed Stability0
Low Speed Stability3
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Ballista Pro (Opto) (2022 Raptor stamp)
red flake / pink / 174g - $19.99
  • red flake / Red / 169g - Sold out
  • red flake / pink / 174g - $19.99
  • red flake / matte yellow / 176g - $19.99

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