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Breakout (Lucid) (2023 Tiger stamp) Albert Tamm

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Dynamic Discs says this about the Breakout: Do you like the Escape but find it too overstable? The Breakout is the disc for you. It has the feel in your hand of a fairway driver but the easy release of a midrange. The Breakout is the slightly understable fairway driver from Dynamic Discs that you need when you have to have a bit more distance but you can't sacrifice accuracy. It will hold an anhyzer angle without turning over all the way to the ground and will fly dead straight if you tell it to. Add this disc to your bag for your game to breakout of the same old shots and the same high scores.

 A large portion of the proceeds help Albert Tamm!! Thanks!!

Flight Guide

High Speed Stability-1
Low Speed Stability2
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Breakout (Lucid) (2023 Tiger stamp) Albert Tamm
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