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Lion (Star) (INNfuse)

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Best Choice for: Hyzer and anhyzer drives and approaches, turnover shots when well worn, sidearm approaches.

Innova says this about the Lion: Tame your mid-range shots. Defined by its stable flight, the Lion will attack at any angle - hyzer, flat, or anhyzer. The convex rim, small bead and flat flight plate give the Lion a comfortable grip and create a neutral flight. Thrown hard and flat, it'll finish with a touch more glide than a Roc3 and enough fade to keep it on track. Trust that anhyzer throws will hold a long, consistent line throughout the flight. The Lion stands out from the pack with colorful INNfuse art.

Flight Guide

High Speed Stability0
Low Speed Stability2
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Lion (Star) (INNfuse)
light orange / INNfuse / 180g - $17.99
  • light orange / INNfuse / 180g - $17.99
  • orange / INNfuse / 180g - $17.99
  • yellow / INNfuse / 180g - $17.99
  • blue / INNfuse / 180g - $17.99
  • pink / INNfuse / 180g - $17.99

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