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PD2 (Swirly S-line) (2017 Eagle McMahon) (Innova Made) (Embossed)

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Discmania say this about the PD2: Let’s face it – the PD2 Chaos is not meant for everyone. Picture Innova’s Xcaliber with a little more speed and stability and you’ll know what this disc is like. It is abnormally fast for the stability it offers. Targeted for the strong-armed touring pro, this disc is very reliable thrown backhand, forehand and overhead in pretty much all conditions. Do you think you have what it takes to throw this disc?


These are Innova made back in 2018. "Embossed" mold and "penned" weight. These are slightly less stable than your average PD2's but still a PD2. 


These were originally made and release for Eagle McMahon in 2018. A small batch has been stored away in our temperature controlled "vault".


When sales are over, THEY ARE OVER!



Flight Guide

High Speed Stability0
Low Speed Stability4
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PD2 (Swirly S-line) (2017 Eagle McMahon) (Innova Made) (Embossed)

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