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Pixel (Firm) (Simon Line)

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The second disc in the Simon Line is officially here, the Electron Pixel! Debuting with flight numbers of 2 | 4 | 0 | 0.5, the Pixel has a deep profile with a small micro bead, perfect for the smoothest possible release. Simon designed the Pixel to be an effortless putter, needing just a little bit of spin to glide right to the basket. Whether you’re a spin or push putter, the Pixel is an ideal putter for someone who wants a laser-straight flight.

The Pixel isn’t just excellent for putting, it’s also a very neutral flying discs off the tee or for approaches. Whether you’re putting, driving, or approaching, all you need is to pick your target and let the Pixel do the rest.

The release of the Pixel is also the debut of a new blend of Electron Plastic. With an increase in grip and tackiness across the board, and a much softer blend of Soft, the Pixel is truly a culmination of MVP’s and Simon’s years of experience. The putter of choice for 7x Disc Golf Pro Tour winner Simon Lizotte, take your game to the next level with the Electron Pixel!

A large portion of the proceeds help the Simon Lizotte!! Thanks!!

Flight Guide

High Speed Stability0
Low Speed Stability0.5

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Pixel (Firm) (Simon Line)
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