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Sapphire (Opto) (2023 Tiger stamp 2) Albert Tamm

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Latitude 64 says this about the Sapphire: The Sapphire is designed to be the perfect partner to the Diamond, our most popular Easy-to-Use fairway driver. With the Sapphire you will get that extra speed and stability in your disc arsenal. It has a slim profile for smooth releases, and it is easy to get a good grip, especially for those of you with smaller hands.

Words from disc designer Tomas Ekström about the Sapphire: When I designed the Sapphire I had three main goals in my mind. The first was to make a faster Diamond which can go longer and be a natural step up for the Diamond fans. The second was to achieve a rim that was easy to grip with a shallow feel, even if it's wider than the Diamond. The third goal was to achieve a step up in stability, because I think all Diamond fans would love to have a faster driver with a bit less high speed turn.


 A large portion of the proceeds help Albert Tamm!! Thanks!!

Flight Guide

High Speed Stability-2
Low Speed Stability1.5
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Sapphire (Opto) (2023 Tiger stamp 2) Albert Tamm
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